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May 31, 2007

(Light Leaks 6)

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And so, the spring realise from is out. Prize is $14.99 U.S for unit.


May 11, 2007

(LC-A hand grip) Cable release for the classics

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There’s no many choices for doing a good long exposure with a Lc-a. Probably build a homemade cable release by yourself, or get a Lc-a+ with the new  features..

Seems from now on, the LC-A + users are not the only who can enjoy those night long exposures.

This cute thing, “hand made in south Korea” and super easy to attach in your classic Lomo Lc-a is the new easiest solution i could find. And since the double exposure button can be easely imitated with the one in the Lc-a bottom, there’s probably no need anymore for missing that expensive Lc-a+. Eureka!

for sale

April 28, 2007

(A few hours left for the World Wide Pinhole day 2007)

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so it’s really coming. Get your lensless ready, and check out for event in your area

April 18, 2007

(Build your own [35]camera kits)

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Everybody is getting money building toycameras in china and selling them overpriced in the west (i want too). I once asked an industrial designer whats the way for taking a camera out in the market. He said something like build your model or prototype as good as you c an, take it to a enginner to check and sign your product, get tones and tones of money and ask some china plant to produce it (i guess it must be a bit more difficult than that).

Whatever, I found the best way to start is this camera kits for kids. Most of them produced by Elenco inc, popular for Radio and electronic learning kits. So from now on, you can learn how to produce those overpriced cameras, for just about 20$. Then build your own design and conquer the world with it.. be afraid lomography.

April 11, 2007

(4×5 homemade pinhole)

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Oki not built by me, but my father.

i like the first results, perhaps too much vignetting, i guess for the low focal lenght used (about 20mm). I think i should upgrade with some more space. Don’t expect a how to guide, since just my father could answer and i’m not into build-thingies stuff. But go for a wooden box with similar focal lengh and a pinhole about 0,20 and i guess u’ll get the same.

This is how it looks with polaroid 59 film (a 545 back holder was attached this time).

April 2, 2007

(f295 Symposium coming)

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26-29 April 2007.

In case u love the lensless world, you are in the Usa, and u didn´t know.. the f295 Symposium is coming. A good oportunity to learn, chat, and maybe win some zeroimage/pinhole blender camera among other people in the pinhole world.

Register at

Registration Fee Timeline:
March 4 – April 22: $120
Late Registration and in-person (April 22 – 27): $165
Student rate with ID: $70

Registration includes:
Admission to the 8 lectures and 2 round table discussions held in conjunction with The Center for the Arts in Society at Carnegie Mellon University. They will take place in McConomy Auditorium at the University Center as part of The Perspectives on the Arts in Society Series on Friday April 27, as well as a name badge, coffee, tea, water, and snacks during breaks, a program of the days activities, admission to the Daguerreian Society Reception and exhibition “Daguerreotypes Past and Present” and access to the sale of books by symposium speakers. You’ll also be able to take advantage of B&H Photo’s special symposium discounts on supplies and merchandise!

All workshops and other events must be registered for separately with the corresponding hosting organization. Links and phone numbers may be found on each of the corresponding web pages. ( maybe the best community in the web dedicated to lensless photography)

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